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Manage Blogger Dashboard Full Support Guide

Manage Blogger Dashboard Hello my dear friends how are you doing? Today we just talking about the Post and Comments How to configure post in the Basic Way To Create Free Website as well as comments. Let me tell you that  is most targeting aspect for suppose how many post should display on the home page and what should feed of the post is be. Any way let the thing goes of. Come to the point I am telling you the configuration of the post for this you should need to go and log in and click to your desire blog after click on the setting now come on the post and comments right its view same like below screen shot.

Manage Blogger Dashboard full guide

Manage Blogger Dashboard Posts

Manage Blogger Dashboard Show at most it means that how many posts should display on the homepage (main page) and in the post template you can add your signature all now it is time for showcase image in the light box it mean some one click on the image. Than image display on the light screen or dark. you can configure it on your choice how would be look like.You see below.

Manage Blogger Dashboard Comments

Come back to the comment view if you want to some one who give you an comment. You just check it for moderation than go ahead check mark over the comments moderation always than who can comment you right here click on the registered user. Let me tell why not click on the every one radio button because there are thousand of spams spreader in the internet when you select option anyone it is hundred percent possibility to spam do attract to your website. So do not take a risk stay safe and secure.
Manage Blogger Dashboard posts-and-comments
After that you see the show word verifications or not. I selected option no due to i check my self spam, you just click on the show how many links are in the comments, after that give message to the comment publisher like please do not spam.
Final Ending Words For this Article 
Dear friend you know I have tried much to give briefly idea about the posts and comments. How much I got success that you can tell me through comments and and kindly subscribe my blog to get more updates thank you very much. all right watch video for more help about this article.
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