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Latest Facebook Tricks and Updates

Facebook Tricks and Updates now a days, You know Facebook change its security level day by day and much have to stay update with it. Here I share latest tricks with you. 100% tested and working tips for you. Read my last article which was about : 26 Filters for Your Facebook Account Information.

Latest Facebook Tricks for Social Network Lovers

Find Out Recently Visited Your Facebook Profile

Here you can find out who early visited your profile. This is best trick to tell you about newly visited friends. You can check them all via their ID. It’s very simple.
Great and easy way to post in all FB groups at once. This is the best article of my whole blog. In this a explain in elegant way. How to publish your post in all groups at once.
If you don’t want to make friends to continue any more just Unfriend all of them at once. I am sharing with you a nice tips. In which you can unfriend in one click. 
Learn how to add Facebook Verification mark on your fan page. If a popular person who want to make his Page register he must have to verified it and get real identity tick mark. 
Learn the way to change your personal Facebook account profile into Fan page. If you got many friends request. Must change friends into likes.
In this We will discussed how to delete all of your friends messages in just one click. It is very difficult task to remove your conversation. Don’t worry I published a nice Article in which you can delete all Facebook Messages.

Tag Friends for your Photo

Learn how to tag and why to use tags in this article. This Post help you much better. If you captured a group photo and want to tell all of them about it. Just tag your friends of you in it. Everyone get notification about it.
How to send all of your friends wish birthday at once. Send those whose birthday If you have 100 Friends and out of them 10 have birthday than what would do just send them all in one click. 

Send Suggestion your All Friends to Add another Friend

Add Suggestions If you want someone else who add all of your friends just suggest him in one click here.
This article will help you to send all friends sticker in one click. If you want to get in touch with your friends. Whom do you not called or update this way is best for you. make your friends to awake up.

Happy Ending 

I hope you enjoyed a lot about my post regarding Facebook Tricks. Thanks for reading my whole article. I hope it will be more informative for you. Please subscribe my blog for new and latest upcoming articles. If you need any help please write it into comment box below.


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