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Introduction to Blogger Features Limitations


Blogger features should be basic knowledge for everyone. You know it is providing free hosting that is mean you can upload any thing like images, text, videos and other more much, another feature It provides free sub-domain like example.Blogspot com. Okay It is time to know more about its introduction, this is launched by Google in year 2003, developed by Pyra lab. Google hosted service eligible to anyone who has a gmail account. our provide you CMS (Content Management System) which is mean that you can manage your content , one thing more I would like to share with you one interesting thing that blogger do not need to install just like wordpress. It is properly design for the unprofessional person simple to use, very easy and most powerful with Google search engine. Don’t you need to have any programming skill extra knowledgeable information in the blogger? Have you ever heard about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) feature? You can also enable your blog in Google search engine and drive traffic (visitors).

Blogger Features & What are the limitations in Blogger Basic ?

With respect to blogger basic I will tell you some of the major and very important limitation. You should much have to aware about it, mostly no one exactly knows. It gives you 100 blogs for each gmail account, 5000 tags or unique labels, No need of the post in one blog. Size of the static page up to 10 in one, Favorite icon.

Dashboard in common language we call control panel here is the place where you’re all over control at back end. So the following video tutorial is about dashboard, in this we will learn how to create a new blog.

Last Words
Dear friend thank you very much to visit my website for video tutorial, I am going to make complete course in urdu. I hope you like it, follow me on social media, please comment me how I am doing? And share you idea with me.

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