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Introduction to the HTML Language and its variants

Introduction to the HTML Language and its variants

Introduction to the HTML Language,  HTML is the language for the publication of hypertext on the global Web. This scripting language can be made and operation by a large number of tools. HTML is being used to structure text into headings, paragraphs, lists, hypertext links etc. Read out my last article : 3DS MAX Software Free Download for Windows

Introduction to the HTML Language

An appropriate way to mechanically locate mark-up errors is to use the HTML Tidy utility. Tidy makes the document more promiscuous to read and edit. This is very efficacious at neatening mark-up formed by authoring tools with disordered habits. Tidy is able to arrange a great numbers of problems and to bring to your notice things that you need to work on yourself. Each entry found is arranged in the line number and column so that you may find where the problem lies in your mark-up.

HTML has three variants.

You postulate which of these variants you are using by injecting a line at the start of the document. Each variant has its own (Document Type Definition) which give the instructions for using HTML. When you want to use a tool to authorize the HTML document, the tool will know which variant you are applying.

Transitional Introduction to the HTML Language

This variant is used when we write Web pages for the common people, when pages are reachable for viewing in older browsers. The advantage of this variant is the support of style sheet, which comprise different characteristics used in BODY such as bicolour, text and link attributes.

Strict Introduction to the HTML Language

It is used when we really want spotless structural mark-up, free of any tags related with layout. It is used collectively with W3C’s Cascading Style Sheet language (CSS) to acquire the font, colour, and layout effects, which we want.

Frameset Introduction to the HTML Language

Frameset is being used when we want to divide the browser window into two or more frames.

These variants make our web layout more attractive and friendly for the users. Each variant has its own benefits but it is recommended to use strict (Document Type Definition) whenever possible.
Different functions alongside the HTML Language have indeed made browsing friendly and accessible for all the people especially for the blind people. Each version of HTML bringing something astounding for the internet users.


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