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Imortance of CSS in Web Designing

Importance of CSS in Web Designing

Benefits of CSS *(Cascading Style Sheet)

Cascading style sheets (CSS) is a modest tool for monitoring the style of a Web manuscript without compromising its structure. By sorting out visual design fundamentals (colours, fonts, margins, etc.) from the structural logic of a Web document, CSS offer Web designers the power they want without compromising the privacy of the data. further, defining typographic page layout from within a single, different chunk of code – without having to resort to image maps, tags, and tables allows for quicker downloads.

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If we are still contriving with tables then we are missing many of the advantages of CSS. Tables were not made-up to be used for designing but unluckily it has been usual for a long time. However, not anymore!

An external style sheet can comprise all the styles for our web site. If we crave to alter the content, then we only have to edit one style sheet. This is indeed a blessing for a web site that contains hundreds or thousands of pages.

Last Word Importance of CSS in Web Designing

Google gives more importance to content nearer to the top of someone HTML document. Search engines look for the content that finds first in our source code. With CSS, we can easily construct the content to seem first with the rest of the source code. Designing web pages with CSS will speed up the loading of our pages considerably because the styles are all kept in check in one style sheet.


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