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Hyper Text Markup Language HTML in Urdu

Learn Hyper Text Markup Language HTML

Hyper Text Markup Language HTML dear today we will discuss about how to create my first program in HTML stand for hypertext markup language I will beat you something very special and much more new okay my last talk about Microsoft Excel spreadsheet you know that HTML is the basic off all web programming languages. read my last post : PowerPoint Slides Design Professional Templates

Hyper Text Markup Language HTML

This language is very easy to understand after completing this language course you will be able to make your own website. I will also teach you about CSS the stand for cascading style sheet in this technique you can design your web pages of website also you can carry as many of the templates and you can also sell them. There are hundreds of websites are available. Have you can sell and make much money. You can get more information from w3schools.com


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