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how to start seo for my website


How to SEO, It sounds good. One thing you must have to know about the SEO. It is very simple but very tricky. You have only take care about search engine seriously. When you will created a website or blog you have to have little attention to search engine optimization . In this nothing is to do hard or something else. That will be the one reason to make your website number one in the search engines. Myself experience I am going to share with you. Which is that, when I started blogging, I did not know anything about. I was very confused what to do with my website come over top. After reading full eBook of Google search engine guide I have become well familiar to SEO. In spite of this I got much more when I implemented SEO in to the website. Okay here we began how to SEO? After completing blogger introduction now just check it out the list below in this I shared my whole expertise and all trick tips as well.

How To SEO While having a Website?

1. Get preparation for website You know first you have to make a sense for what aim I am going to make a website. Al right you should must have to care why should choose a domain name , one thing more don’t start if you will have not stuff for what specific topic you are making website.

2. Skip you cheap thing to earn money.

3. You social media popularity is key of success.

4. Put you full power to publish comments on top ranked websites.

5. Make yourself a human virus for your niche website.

6. Unique high quality contents really It works.

7. Analyze visitor and stay up to date about webmaster tools of search engines.

8. Template design should be neat and clean, elegant, simple attractive, no flash, avoid javascript in plus do not use more irritating colors.

9. Never lose you punctuality.

10. Try to get your visitors trust.

Last resulting words
Thank you so much to have a look to my above tips for a website. I have tried hard to make and compose this. I hope you like it very much, if you have any query you can comment me.

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