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How to Link which is safe for Google

Link safe for Google How to link which is so safe for the Google, Bing or other search engines. You know, my focusing point is regarding Google. My aim to clearing some confusion while having for the newbie, We will discuss What are the links, How to make much safer links, Inbound and outbound , more about dofollow, nofollow. Now it is time to get some tricks for it.

safe for Google What are the links?

Basically link is playing great role to communicate with one to anther by clicking to the targeted text, images, video and many more. For Example: We use in the HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) anchor Tag Which code is same like below red line.
 <a href=””>computerpakistan</a>
Tags are displaying descriptive information on the net.
Tag  now href stand for hyper reference and in between double quotation contain link source </a> Close with the help of slash.

How to make much safe link?

You know We are applying href attribute for link source, now an other is nofollow this is for when you used to link with external site just give them Rel=”nofollow” If you are using it with you site web page just give it Rel=”dofollow”. Do not create more links the range is 150 words = one Okay.
It means that some link of the other site to you web page, Backlinks are more important you know your traffic means visitor come from Google call it organic traffic If you have thousands of backlinks your Google page rank become high and high, Use only Rich websites back links for your blog.
Safer Backlinks now a day  September 2013

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