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How to Install Google Widgets on Blogger


There are list of Google Widgets. We will going to install right now let me explain how do we install first of all you must have an account of Gmail If you don’t have never mind just go ahead this link to create account with in 5 to 10 minutes. Welcome back now I would like to inform you for your better knowledge if you have one account of  you can access social network,  a free web hosting, webmaster for a website,  Analytic for blog traffic analyzing and numbers of other products.
Any way lets come to the topic. Create Facebook Like Box for Blogger Blog

How To Install Google widgets In The  Platform?

Go to Log in account with your gmail account.
 If you don’t have any blog just click on new blog give name it and sub domain name. As you see in the below screenshot. It is simple there is no confusion in it. I have clearly pointed out where you click or where not. With using rectangular box and arrow.
When you have done or already have a blog than it is great now just click on the blog on which you want to add after coming on the  dashboard click on layout than Add A Gadget. Same as following screenshot.
How To Add A Gadget?
A popup window suddenly will appear just mouse over it and press a right button on the Followers. Remember here is the main important thing you have to understand it carefully you know what steps you have covered to reach on this point. Please remember all the steps because you can add a lot  of widgets via these steps. Now we are adding , You can also Add +1 Button, badge , Translator, Followed by email, Blog States, Popular Post etc. Simple same same step as you click on  followers as like other If you wanted to install them. And If wanted to remove them just like a above layout snapshot sidebar I have indicated by arrow If you want to remove About me widget from your blog Click on the edit than you see a popup window Remove it. 
New web page will have displayed you just configure it now you have done. 
How To Configure  Followers ?
At the top of the below image you see preview of the Google+ followers After that give
Title: to your widget what ever you want but I recommended you give related title what widget it is same name should be given to it.
Size: Automatically mean it adjust to the sidebar as template design, If you want to give size manually click on the radio button give it width and height.
Color Theme: It mean If you have black template you can you black background if you have white than click on the white background. When you click on the Dark or White a demo preview automatically changed it is best feature of this. Finally click on the save button.
Congratulation you have successfully added. the out put you can see below. 
If you want to add more I have Already discussed about it on the add a gadget. I hope you enjoyed it well.  Thank you very much to be with us, kindly subscribe my blog and comment me regarding Google Widgets. Get more assistance through my video

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