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How to Embed Contact Form In Blogger Page

How to Embed Contact Form In Blogger Page

Blogger Contact form is good but foxyform gives you more option and feature that is why you will like it. Now I am telling you how to embed contact form into the blogger blog. I wish to use a third party because of spam. If you are using it default. It is also good but not so much more that is why we need to embed external contact form.
You know there are more than over feature are in the foxy form
1 Multiple fields
2. Anti Spam
3. Easy to use
4. Reliable

I strongly recommended you to install this why because the visitor own your blog want to contact with you have any problem they share you. They have such a platform to be with you in contact. I must say it is not just only use for a contact you can sell any product or provide any service to the visitor via contact form my dear it is such a good way to communicate with visitors.

How to Embed Contact Form In Blogger Page

First of all create a new static page in the blogger then give it title contact us. Let me tell you from where we got it and what the best way to install it is. Kindly visit foxyform to get started there are four steps in the first step what we should need to do what kind of field it has contain in my below picture I have given all are the field for better assistance.

1.Advance Setting
It means setting of back ground color which match to your template font color and font size font style. These are the field you have to configure according to your blog template.


 2. Target Email Address 
Just give your email address whatever you have like (gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc) as like I have given it is my domain name email address. I give you a suggestion make two email addresses one is primary and other is secondary one use for your blog, other for other site. Alright in the last give a human recognition code for anti spam than click on create contact form.


3.Get Code 
After a while a new page open just click on the code and copy it now what to do, Create a new page or new post, just past this code in the section of HTML. contact-form-for-blogger


That is it now you have successfully install I hope you enjoyed a lot kindly subscribe my blog and comment me. Thanks.

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