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How to Display Author Image in Google Search Result

My topic title is Author ImageLet’s we study  how does it display in the Google Search Result or Google index? Like my image in below snapshot. Before we discus I would like to give you some introduction to the importance of image in the search result. You know now a days there is a great trend of displaying images. Why people are crazy to appear in Google I have a good answer for it. Image Attract people to click on your domain name URL is is one best way to drive traffic to your blog. One thing more great about image which is that If want be well familiar your image is your identity.  People know you with your name more with picture respectively. Any way now it is time to configure Image in the search result for this you have to follow the instruction what I am going to explain. when we will completing our setting next step your image will appear same like below screenshot.

Google Search Result


I recommended my self to define some one with the help of steps. It is greatest way according my to opinion.

Step One. Create Google+ Profile

If you don’t have a Google+ profile you must have to create it because of it is compulsory for your image will appear in the  search result.One thing is interesting you know what by having one  account  you can access all of the Google Products like (Blogger,  Webmaster, Analytics, Adsense etc). Why you need to make Google+ profile? Cause  use a link to your profile of whatever image you provided there.

Step Two. Write A Post And There Topic Should be About Me

Like I have written a topic that is all about myself. How do you start you post. To before all in the first line you have write you original name or author name. The Name which you are using in the social network. Now what is your job ? I am giving a example My name is Naeem Hussain and I have given a link to my name with my Google+ profile how I did it. See Below.

Link Code

<a     rel=”me”     Href=”″ Target=”_blank”     >     Naeem Hussain     </a>

Note : Copy above link and past it in to you post and replace my name with you name same as my Google+ profile link with yours. But be careful don’t mistaken.
Descrition Of Above Link

a stand for anchor in enclosed angle brackets or greater than less than sign, we call it tag.  I define it gives link to url.
rel= “me” 
It means that the Name Naeem Hussain its relation to me.
Href stand for hyper reference
Use for open your URL in other Browser Tab.


Step Three. Create An Other Link which is in the Side Bar

Now you have to create a link by name Google+  like
Note:  Copy below link and past it in to the sidebar  just remove my Google+ ID which is in pink color

<a rel=”Author”   Href=””  target=”_blank”>Google+ </a>

Link Description
Rel=”Author” It explained as your relation as a Author.
Href and parameter ?rel=author it is the secret code you can say that is provided by to identify you are the real author of your blog. I have pointed out in the above snapshot by the help of using arrow now you have done it.

Remember on thing more your image should be square. For example 600 in to 600 means 600 in width and 600 in height and size of the image should 900 KB or more.


Dear Friends it is very very simple to use how to display you Author image in the  search result but you have to implement link code very carefully if your code is wrong then it won’t work. and wait 5 days at  least. I have clearly explained it. In spit of this if you have more query regarding rich sniper. Go ahead do comment me in the comment box.View below video for more help.

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