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How To Delete Selected Post In Basic Of Blogger

How To Delete Selected Post – Hi every one now we are going to understand how to delete selected post in the very basic of the blogger okay, further more we will discuss in new article how to delete post from Google search engine, same like just log in to the blogger account after that  make sure about your desire blog to remove in there. All right here in the blog Remember why should you need to remove from the blogger blog, It is very fundamental aspect of it, one reason you  having duplicate contents, or you are not satisfied with your post and you do not want to include this in your blog.

Delete Selected Posts

Simple just refer below snapshot of blogger dashboard now in the image just select the post, remember you just in the a box above that is written select all when you check mark on it , your all posts are selected than click on other side to remove all  at once, If you wanted to  only just click the beside of check mark which you want to delete than click on the  button  has gone from your blog immediately not from Google index respectively.

Completing Word

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