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How to Customize Blog Archive

How to Customize Blog Archive You know what is blog archive ? It is very interesting question come into the mind of every web master.  I am explaining it. Blog Archive is the history of your blog by date wise. When you start a post of the blogger. It created by date. For suppose you have created a new blog on 24-july-2013 and also at same date published a post What is the job of blog archive it contain all of the post with respect to date. Free Blogger Templates Blogspot SEO Friendly

How to Customize Blog Archive Why Google Does Not Like It ?

Because of blog archive gives a date and link as well that is why Google don’t like it. A simple Blogger SEO is here you know you can customize robots.txt file there is option also present to disable blog archive from the Google search.
How Do We Install And Customize Blog Archive?
First Step you need to have a email account address to access. any way let me define via screenshots dear friend have look below a layout of  the blogger as I indicated now at left sidebar on other marked up by arrow that name is add a gadget do it click.
How to Customize Blog Archive
 Next step is below snapshot one thing you have to do click on the next button which is left top side in the image marked as arrow and rectangular box simple nothing to confusion.
 Now Click on the Blog archive to install on your blogger blog, My full efforts to do this only for your better understanding you know why we have decided to teach you be the support of pictures it is simple real time preview that’s why I preferred it.
Here is the very important scene of my blog post. All over is in it.
1. Give title to your blog archive what ever you may give it its depend upon you.
2. Radio button If you want it to display as list click tick mark on first and second other wise for drop down just simple check mark on the drop down.
3. Show the post title only and it configure as last one post displayed first and top of the menu of blog archive. If you want to configure it as last post come top just click second radio button.
4. It is your choice how many number of post preview in the blog archive either weekliy or monthly.
5. Manually configuration from what date start and what date end.
 After all of this click on the save button  and you have done it successfully. You know why I do not give you a demo of the blog archive because it is SEO technique Google will hesitate from the demo and useless link it better for the newbie. for your better understanding I am giving you snapshot how to make blog archive in post as drop down.
That is it. Thank you my dear friends I am damn sure you have enjoyed a lot. Kindly subscribe my blog for get more much new exciting updates. and comment me for further assistance.
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