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How To Create New Post In Basic Way

How To Create New Post – Hi dear friends we just discus right now about the blogger new post how do we create and how many way  to click on it for. it is really very simple no matter what you do? I just tell you the brief of it.

Basic Way To Create This

There are several ways to create new. I just give an idea how do you create it first job is log in to the dashboard after that choose your favorite blog now here you see in the screen shot  below.

In this snapshot you just click on the directed button. It is really very simple Okay.


In this when you first log in to the blogger dashboard here you can see I have point it out just click on it and write you blog post.

Ending Words

Dear you discover that we’ve done my best to offer information along the topic and also I’m dame constructive. I acquired success inside, I certainly recommended anyone to that basically follow the blog stay updated for the upcoming internet site tutorials as well as like the blog company of pals this about Google+ and also follow me to the twitter you can watch my videos to the daily things to do website and also dont hesitate to comment me in case you have any style of difficulty to regulate problem getting regarding with this particular posting. Many thanks completely to look at my information.

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