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How to Configure Blog Post in the Blogger Dashboard

Blogger Dashboard  dear we learn how to configure our blog’s post using the platform of let me tell you what we will cover just have a overview below kindly read carefully to understand it easy.

Configure Blog’s Post in Blogger Dashboard

Label To Select
Below screen that identifies your  labels and new labels if you want create a new label than go ahead just select the post by radio button or mark up which that you desire to add in new label. After that click on give label name  press enter button from your keyboard now you have done it.
Revert To Draft
In the below snaps shot I have pointed out the button by name revert back to draft. basically If you want save your and do not wish to published at a movement blogger has provide you a best feature to use it for you saving  data. When you satisfied to publish it you can click it and go ahead.
 All Labels And Search
All labels an other greatest feature you can perform operation on  by label wise. let me tell you that blog post for label search it by label it very easy click on you desire label which is selected from All labels drop down menu. In result a list of labels show like below screen shot.
Search it just use for if you have thousand of  than you are a human you can’t remember all of the  with there title and link, search feature is available for you enter a keyword what ever you want to find and press enter all of the related to your keyword result  will come like above screen shot.

Comment Counts And View Counts
How many comment on each t as I mention on the image. and Google+ circles it as well as View count how many time your page views also pointed out below.
Newer  it mean which one is the most newer comes at top and there is last button to tell you how many  you want to see on first page in other words there are up to hundred you can see. But I recommended you to see only 25 post on each page because of advantage of this save your page load time. Older  it your first starting blogging  which automatically come at the top of  lists.

Select All Number of Element In The Table And Delete Selected
In the below picture I have point it by arrow this is the radio button when you  check mark it all are selected your can delete all you revert to draft. and second selection is just for choose your that wanted to be delete click on it. your  will deleted from your blog.
Edit View Share Delete
Just click on the edit button as I define in following snapshot to How to make your  blog post ? A new window open same like last screenshot view it mean out put of your  in the browser,   Shared mean share your on Google Plus social network, Delete if you don’t wish to publish, possible have done alot of mistakes in the  the delete button quickly deleted your dislikes.
Below screenshot a lot of more much thing to learn I have pointed out each and every thing by arrow and red colored box view blog means open your website or see out put of your coding, t Title  Compost means you can graphically set images and Text, beside of  setting to set permalinks, and many options.
 I have defined that how to make your blog n which label to selected  revert to drat, all labels search comment count view count newer and older edit view share delete, I am damn sure you have enjoyed, a friendly requested to you kindly subscribe my blog, comment me as much as you can. Tell me your ideas,Thanks. View below video for more help.

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