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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)


FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions) there is a lot of question which are asked by visitors and applicant FAQs will help better to understand when you read below numbers of question and Its answer that is mostly asked by people.

Q. 1: How to Pay ?
A.     Dear for the info of fees to whom you pay please visit how to pay

Q. 2: How to get Admission ?
A.     On Admission page the instruction is gived which will help you to understand. We Trying our best to
make the admission form so easy and simple.

Q. 3: How to buy books ?
A.     Please visit books link in the menu bar and choose book give order after that pay for it, When you         payment aproval is approved. We will delevered you book in a day.

Q. 4: How to Buy video DVD in urdu ?
A.     visit urdu DVD page.

Q. 5: How to Pay fees in Installment ?
A.     Computer Pakistan offers better convenience to his candidate. As he can pay fees as easy as simple to   sayPlease visit fees page for more information.

Q. 6: How to get online Examination ?
A.     Online examination has enable on date, All question are MCQS type.

Q. 7: Is Computer Pakistan registered ?
A.     Please read about us for registry info.

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