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Facebook Video Upload and Download

Facebook Video can be uploaded very easy and approved as well. But here is hug problem to download videos from facebook.com now i will give a trick how to download Facebook Video just follow some simple steps below. In my previous I published How to invite my Facebook friends to like Fan Page.

Facebook Video Upload and Download

1. Go to Facebook Home Page.
2. Add your video like add in the Facebook Post.

3. Wait a Movement your video under processing.

4. Go to the Video location look like this https://web.facebook.com/naeemse/videos also see in the screenshop below or go to learn how to fine video at facebook timeline.

5. Copy link address of your video like i mentioned in the screenshot below.

6. Add link into the Facebook Toolkit.

7. Save it into your pc or laptop.

8. You done. File is downloading from your Facebook account.


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