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Facebook Security Settings

Facebook Security Settings  options are available you can manage your facebook account via security to make it more secure, no one can hack your facebook id, here are all steps. my last past is about

Facebook Security Settings

1. Go to www.facebook.com
2. Login with your username and password have problem go facebook login.
3. Go to the setting page https://web.facebook.com/settings 

4. Click on security by left hand sidebar

5. Go to security like below

6. Get Login Alert when someone else login into your Facebook Account.

7. Check mark this the When you login from other place to ask Login approval.

8. Generate Secret code for login.

9. Generate passwords for Apps

10. Use public key for apps.

11. Add you trusted contacts.

12. Here is Facebook security setting for Your browsers and app.

13. Here is detail for Where you are logged in.

14. Profile Picture login detail here, You Logged in from your cell phone or laptop all detail is here via profile picture info as well, Learn how to change profile picture.

15. Legacy contacts you can listed it here means family members that you want to get in your legacy.

16. If you want to delete or deactivate your account from here.

17. You are done.


Thanks for reading my article name Facebook Security Settings, If you have query regarding security issues please feel free to contact me.


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