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Facebook Login Problems in the Home Page

Facebook Login Problems There are thousands of the problem while Facebook login into the home page profile. You must have to remember your username and password. If you have forgotten your security code or name. Don’t worry It is very very simple to recover it. Now a days world is gone in the modern technology. FB.com administrator provides many feature to take back your personal profile. Recover via email address or get back through your secret question or receive it through cell phone. Help is on.

Facebook Login Problems Reset Password for Login Facebook

Just type username and password. If you don’t remember than simply click over the sign up for new profile and forgot password to recover.

Login in problem in the facebook account
Look at the below screen shot and click on the forget link to find your email address whatever your email account is, than click on the search button bellow otherwise here is another button for withdraw. For more help drag mouse over the I can identify my account.
Find your email account

Second option how do you want to reset your password through email address or mobile. In the below image is for E-mail add:

Set your password through email address
Enter the 5 digit code in the blank ##### symbol box. Which has send via E-mail and press the continue button.
Check email for reset account password
We have covered all over the problems regarding fb frofile. Hope you got every thing clearly in spite of it. Thread me below I will response you shortly. Thanks
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