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Facebook Group Auto Poster Software Free download

Facebook Group Auto Poster hello everybody I am teaching the way posting in the multiple groups, In last article I explain same topic with email accounts, Now I will give the brief way of posting through Website where you just logged in and get started with your second alternative Id, I do not suggest you to do this without personal profile. It could be possible of not secure regarding my best of knowledge.  Also read my last article which is about it: Extract Group Emails – Friend’s Emails in Facebook

Facebook Group Auto Poster Software Free download

Okay Last time I got some problem with post in to over that 200 Groups Each one joined over than millions members. I want to post my image into the groups but i felt. Only link work Now I will give you the way of Publish a Facebook Post via Link Text and Image.  Any way Go to follow the steps below to do this.
Step 1. Go to the website which i written in the snapshot and Sign up now
Facebook Group Auto Poster sign up here
Step 2. Now go to and login
Facebook Group Auto Poster sign in here
Step 3. Add your facebook account just create a token like I created in the screenshot below.
Facebook Group Auto Poster add account
Step 4. Now Add token which is actually a link in the box as I shown below.
Facebook Group Auto Poster Past here
Step 5. Now create a Post in which add image and text plus link you can also add sticker as well.
Facebook Group Auto Poster make a post
Step 6. Select your timeline and all group that you already joined check mark on all and click on send button above.
Facebook Group Auto Poster all is done
Step 7. You are done !
For more help and support go to : click here

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