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How to Play Games on Facebook

Facebook Games is not a big issue to play, Alright if you are more interested in here is some extra featured games that you can play here, my last article is about Tag Friends for your Photo now discuss below

How to Play Games on Facebook

1. Go to Facebook Games: Just Click on link here :
2. Click on games from your home page.

Facebook Games Click it now

3. Choose any game from list of recommendations.

Play now it Facebook Games

4. Click on Play Now button.

Facebook Games select game

5. Wait until processing completed now Hit on Play to start your game like in Below photo.

Facebook Games choose player

6. Here is in the screenshot you can I VS other person, Play okay and go ahead.

Facebook Games now start it

7. Wait Game is loading.

Facebook Games loading

8. Ended Now I won the games see in the picture below.

Facebook Games got it

Last Words:

I hope you understand what I am teaching you  in the post, Facebook Games is play not very big problem here. Okay if you have any question please feel free to ask in comment box.


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