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26 Filters for Your Facebook Account Information

This article is about Facebook Filters how to use filters Which is provided by Facebook Corporation. I tell you all things that you can perform in your account to access information of your posts, comments, Likes, Tags, and Timelines. Before Doing this Read my last article: Facebook Activity Log Information

How do I Apply Filters in my Facebook Accounts ?

 1. Facebook Login 
Go to your account and Login with your Facebook Username and Password.
2. Activity Log
Facebook Filters  Check it out
Our Last Facebook Post is about it. I already gave you link above.
3. Timeline Review
Facebook Timeline In this check out who has add reviews about you. All detail with date Who write something about you are added in Post, Link Images all are here in the section.
4. Tag Reviews
Facebook Tag check this filter Who write about your tag reviews.
5. Your Posts
What you published All detail in this section.

6. Post You are Tagged

Check here post in which you are tagged. You can search it from starting date.
7. Post By Others
Who Post into your in which you are tagged.
8. Post You have Hidden
Here is all post that you hide from your timeline.
9. Photos
Facebook Photos Check your all uploaded picture and others.
List of all likes that you made since opening of your account.
Facebook Comments Check it out who comments here.
12. About 
What you changed recently all is listed here.
13. Friends
Who makes friendship recently with you here is all detail of your facebook friend is here .
14. Life Events
Your life event that your shared.
15. Musics
Music you liked all contents display here .
16. News
What news you want to like and read all is listed here.
17. Video
Your Videos everything pointed here.
18. Games
All Games are listed here.
19. Books
Books that you want to read are here in the section of Books Filters.
20. Products
All Products you want to make it your favorite is here.
21. Following
Here is list of follow and unfollow, You can check who do you followed and not.
22. Groups
List of Group that you joined here.
23. Events
All Event are elaborated here.
24. Search
Your  Facebook search term is here.
25. Location History
Area that you visit and login from all is here in detail.
26. Saved
You saved data listed here.
Thank you for read my article regarding Facebook Filters. Okay you need any support please feel free to contact us anytime, or comment me I will give you feedback shortly. Also subscribe my blog for new upcoming updates.


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