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Facebook App Settings

Learn How to setup the Facebook App Settings, It is very easy to set some few option, How to integrate with other application, Okay read out my older article which is about Facebook Language Settings

Facebook Apps Settings 

1. Go to the Setting Page Link : facebook.com/settings
2. Now Go to the Apps which is left side See the setting page below.

Facebook App Settings here is

 In this App for Website and other Plugin, Set is as Enable or Disable. Keep in mind if you login with Facebook to other website you should keep it Enable otherwise Disable it. See Picture below when click on Edit.

Facebook App Settings Login other option

 App Other Use, In this option Who can use your App All Features All selected by default, You can manage it with your choice and demand.

Facebook App Settings mark it on your choice and demand

 Make it use only for you, Because older mobile version was not much secure with matches of today’s.

Facebook App Settings only me

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