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Facebook Adverts Settings

Facebook Adverts Settings in this post we discuss all about advertisement about Social Networks we also cover a point is this resultative or not, I will tell all things How to Post ads on Facebook to promote your website and any other business, Either Local or World wide all are here.  My Last article was about Support Inbox Facebook Settings.

How to Facebook Adverts Settings

Following setting tell you that how to 

1. Go to Login to your  Facebook Account.
2. Now here is your account link go there : facebook.com/settings Click on Adverts in this option telling you, Can Facebook display you advertise on your intreset. Say yes or No,  Okay.

Facebook Adverts Settings Yes no

 Setup Adds Websites App Other Site ads display on your home page or not.

Facebook Adverts Settings select

 Set it If your add is displaying here.

Facebook Adverts Settings Display

 Set up How to Adverts Perform with your account.

Facebook Adverts Settings Manage it

Last Words:

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