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Dashboard Introduction to Blogger Blogspot Home

Dashboard Introduction to Blogger Blogspot  dear friend my today’s topic is blogger home. I am going to start a complete tutorial of blogger.com in which we get a little bit introduction of dashboard. I would like to teach you a simple step and briefly explained screen shots. My  blogger home tutorial it just on snapshot and its definition. Get to Start Blogger Home you can see clearly in the snap shot below blogger home How To Utilize Blogger Layout Features And Comment. How to Install Google Widgets on Blogger
I have divided  above picture in the four section
Section 1. Blogger Home Title And Logo
first top section it just about name of the Blogger company  with logo and title at the top corner right side it is my name  Bell it just use for alert message of Google + social network you can share your post or blog through click share button and finally my picture to identifies my gmail.com account.
Section 2 Author Name
 Number two of the blogger home page for the author name like my name and you can select language what you want to use but in the screen shot i have selected English (United Kingdom).
Section 3 Blog Status
Number three  left side  before we discuss it you are seeing a message for it for the spam( Internet virus) blogger home best feature for it to automatically enable. when ever spam come through comment blogger spam detector store it in the spam box. you can easily remove it from by clicking delete button.
 You can create multiple blogs own your wish it is free and simple to click on new blog. In the blogger home next step for counting of you blogs number how many blogger blogs you are using. It also shows number of deleted blogs like above image i have one blog deleted and 2 in current use.
Section 4. Main Blogger Title And Post List View Blog

 On of the most important section in the blogger home it is start from blogger home title like blogger basic tutorial and blogger basic in front of both three button you are seeing first for create new post other for go to post list in the end view blog Like below screen shot.

Final Words For Ending Up

I have simply and very easily give you a introduction to blogger home i hope you enjoyed much and got every thing. do me favor to subscribe my blog and comment me if you have any query regarding. Get more help via video

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