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Create Free Web Blog in Blogger Plus Video Tutorial

Create Free Web Blog in Blogger

Create Free Web Blog in Blogger Hello you all, how are you now? We are getting to began more exciting program of Blogger Basic in which we study how to create free website? Before all of this you just need to know Create Free Web Blog in Blogger Plus Video Tutorial

What is blogger? is a website. Which is providing free websites, sub domain like ( as well as free web hosting ( Online Free space) where we can store our data and one of the easiest control penal and many more extra feature is your thinking.

Create Free Web Blog in Blogger No Need To Have Programming Skill

 Idea to make website for that person who do not know any sort of programming, You just have little bit awareness of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) These simple languages you can learn with in a day. Do not worry about any kind of complexity that you thing it will huge work to make a website. I am giving you an idea how do create a website by care.
All right come to the point my full consideration to get more and more easy and simple way  for doing this. That is why I preferred screenshots.

How Do I Get Start To Make Website

You just do nothing only have a account. Let me tell you what to do with this, write in the URL address bar of  web browser press enter button from keyboard welcome in the blogger dashboard (Control Penal) you just need do what refer below screenshot. As you see a descriptive image explore all. new blog button just click on it create it give a name to you blog like  basic is my blog name in other side edit post that is mean you can create unlimited post also edit(cut, copy, past, delete)  them and blog output button to show view of your blog like first image of my blog. at the top of the post.


In the below image you are seeing  over view of my blog there are two section one is previews which provides you complete graph of the visitors you can also optimize it. An other is updates in yellowish back ground gives updates of all post, comments, page view today and yesterday, etc

Main important part of there you can configure the post, let me define you below screenshot

at the first left side new post button for create a post, below of it in the post  All (15), Draft (1),  Published  (14) beside of it check mark, labels, published, revert to draft button in front of it All labels you can search the post label wise. Search option is also available enter the keyword in this related to the post. Last all post included beside of check button, post title, author title, comments counter, views counter and date.


In the pages image you can create limited number of pages for us up to 10 pages. Remember that these pages are different from the post because of Pages are static. create page to click on the new page button, show hide or place page to the sidebar of blog. Final step is just about how many pages you have create as just i created only two pages out of 10.

See comment  in the images  there are three part of comments  published now we are at view of published comments, in front list of comments having check mark button sender name on which date, other is awaiting moderation to checking point of view first check comments after that approve it, spam means virus in the  way I just give an idea how to recognize spam you no need to check spam, Auto spam detector detect  spam and place it in the spam box.
You know Google+ is the social network also on extra feature provide when ever a person post comment on over Google+ you can also embed it in to your blog.  Two Check button One after completing the post automatically you post shared with that I checked it. It is by default but i tell you what does it mean. Other Check button just for same thing that is what I told you in the starting of Google+  you can use Google+ comments in on your blog.
It is little bit matching to overview don’t be confuse about it, keep one thing in your mind it gives you detail of the visitor with respect to monthly, weekly, hourly  one side gives you brief in graphic chart other in verbal. Below of them on post how many visitors visited from where click on more button to view more in detail like which browser which system your blog has visited.
This section is respecting to all of your hard work result but I advice you free to get an instruction after 6 month you will come here. Your job complete the form very carefully Which is provided by Google Adsense program, do not enter any FAQ information in this because if any sort of information goes wrong you can not able to get money from Google Adsense. It is an advertising program which gives you add for your blog but after approving. There are 100 of post available to give trick how to get fast approval. You don’t need to go there. I am giving you a suggestion you should have to make every post more than 300 hundred words, your daily blog visitor must be 300 or more than, Do not use copy contents your contents must be unique, having not grammatical error like miss spelled, sentences such like having not sense etc.That is it.
Layout is refer to interface with your blog graphically. You can Configure to click on the edit to each gadget separately like  favorite icon, Navigation bar, menu bar, Post, Sidebar, Footer There are several beautiful widgets of blogger one best option is add a gadget from third party in HTML/ Java script Some of the Widgets is below
There are thousands of templates available. You can easily change them by clicking the Backup / restore button and install it. Customize section you can customize the blog like background image or color, width, height and more, in the Edit HTML directly edit source code. If you have better awareness about HTML CSS and XML just use edit HTML to customize templates.
Setting is just about  you can give meta description and change  title, or customize domain name,  there are many feature that you can use like blogger basic setting, post and comments, mobile and emails, Languages and formatting date time, Search preferences and other.

Hi dear friend for the way to create free website in the blogger basic point of view. I have given complete detail to all aspect which will really help to beginners my goal is just only define Start to end each and every thing very clearly to the visitors. I am sure that I got success. I feel that you have enjoyed a lot. So it is requested to you kindly subscribe my blog to get free email alerts, in final comment me if you have any question about the post related.

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