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comment moderation blogger blogspot blog

comment moderation blogger Hello my dear friends how are you doing Wish you be happy all there. We will discuss Blogger Comments you know comments playing a great role to identify our blog quality contents. If visitor get inspired it truly proved He must put his comment. Any way let me tell you what is the importance of comment in SEO point of view. Blogger comments is one of the best and superb design in the word. You know there are several features included like how to protect our blogger comments from spam with the support of captcha, or human code recognition , It is in your hand who do give comment or not, You can delete or publish, There is also having more much feature like reply to the visitor separately. All Right here we go how do it work i am going to explain each and every thing clearly by care of using some screenshot related to it. There are three snapshots. how to make a website free on google Spam Free

How do we come on this view just follow a simple step please don’t mind I am trying to give idea to newbie you know professionals are well trained they no need to know how to view like below screen,  because experts are know very well where is this view available. Let this thing go away come to the point .
Please open your web browser, type to log in. If you don’t have any gmail account please create it. After that create a new blog if you don’t have any.

comment moderation blogger

On Publisher view same like below I have pointed out some important fact and figures. First we elaborate Check mark you see when will you click on the all check button your all comments get selected in this comment page only, It is not select all of the comments which is in you blog. All right you can check them uniquely  on your wish to perform operation like delete them send in to spam box. Remove content just only remove the contents of the comments and delete means completely deleted from the blog. Spam button is just use to attack any harmful spam to your blog you can suddenly move them in to spam box. You  can configure comment limit as you like it (10, 25, 50, 100).

 comment moderation blogger

Awaiting Moderation

Second option blogger comment moderation. It some body do not give comment which is related to your blog post, or he use to abuse. An other condition may happen like if some one is enemy of you, or jealous person who do not want to your success. Human can sent spam easily you know he read human code recognition so be aware about human. Simple trick is only you have to read comment very carefully If comment is related then you just approve it other wise delete it do not take risk. You know blogger corporation deleted blog without any notification one reason mentioned which is spam take care .


Blogger Comment provided feature in his blogger dashboard. When will spam attack via comment to your blog, it directly goes to spam box, Keep remember do not publish spam box comments simply delete them,
Some time it happen there is no any kind of spam really available in it, we do not take any kind of problem. I repeat it just delete it.

Final Words:

Dear Friend I have covered blogger comments successfully. Each and every step very carefully. I am damn sure you have really gotten more enjoyment through reading post If this is true so kindly subscribe my blog and comment me.

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