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+92 333 7335044 Settings Search & Preferences Settings Hi every one we discus today how to configure search and preferences? First we need to know what would we learn in this article Meta Tags, Error and Redirection. All right so meta tag playing a great role in the Google search engine you know why you can talk with Google with the help of meta tags. How it is possible? Let me define you, You can use keywords via meta tag, meta description of your home page. How to create meta tag and where do we place it? There are two way to place meta tag, first in the  settings and edit html part, we will discus how to add meta description in the settings. Settings Meta Tag Settings Okay open at the selected blog in the settings click on Search & preferences here is meta tag look like below screenshot. click on the edit link than give you main description of your blog like I have given it. The rang of meta description should be 145 words with space. You must have to choose all keywords with low competitions, more global and local visitor at CPC rate above to 35 it is good and enough for keyword selection, You research make your  success, Settings Error and Redirection Settings In the below  of above image you fine custom page not found  how do you set it let me tile you  give your best Basic SEO to enable your message on that which link broken or you have deleted you know when you delete a post, it is delete from but it is not from Google search index. So it is your job to give a message to your visitor Error 404 page not found, please click Custom Page not found
and past this code in this, just only click on the edit link,  and don’t forget to replace my blog link to your blog link, If you want to check broken link click here to see how Error message look like.
Custom redirects in okay what you need to do just redirect like from which link to your blog link. It is simple there is no confusion in it.
Final Words
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