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Block Play Games Invitation from Friends

Block Play Game on Facebook Friend Invitations for playing game In this post we will learn how to block my friend to invite me to play Game on Facebook. It is very simple follow my steps to do this. Okay my last post was about it Facebook Games

Block Play Games Invitation from Friends

1. Go to the link here:

Block Play Games link here

2. Click on button ignore all are accept your friend’s invitation one by one.

Block Play Games ingnore them

3. Clicked on ignored all here is result of all friends are ignored.

Block Play Games ignore it

4. Check it here.

Block Play Games check this

5. If you want to block your friends to do not send you again invitation go to setting like below.

Block Play Games go to settings

6.Click on Blocj and add Your friend name here, You will not get any notification from him, You can also unfollow him, To stop geting other notifications.

Block Play Games to your friends

8. You are done now.

My Last Instructions:

I hope you liked all things what i am trying to tell you. Okay if you have any query please ask me in the comment box Thanks.


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