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Best Way to Write Blog Post in High PR Site

Best Way to Write Blog Post is a trick to write. If you will follow all SEO rules and regulation. You will be definitely get more traffic toward your blog. Okay now what we are going to discuss right here. How to add image in to your blog. How to link in your blog post. How to give heading your contents. Best way to write SEO post. Before we start all of these thing I would like to share with you my personal experience with you. I started blogging past 6 months. I spend my day and night to make my blog on top but still I am trying. You know Google update every month. every time all policies and all SEO techniques become change month by month. My blog post I use to write on which my core topic that all time remain same. All right here we go.
Best Way to Write Blog Post

Best Way to Write Blog Post follow step to do this

Step 1

Add Image

Images describe your post for what topic you have written for. One key point you should not use more images because mostly search engines are not design to index your images. Any way give some tags to tell these image is we are using for.
For Example:
Above image where I gave my keyword like this.
Title=”blog post”

Step 2
Add LinkSimple you can add link one on 150 words. use tag rel=”nofollow” If you give high page rank website like facebook, twitter and other.

Step 3

Add Heading

Your blog main title H1 and post title H2 sub heading  H3 and so on.

Final Words

Thanks you very much to read this and subscribe my blog. Comment me if want to know more. I hope you like much more about our article keep in contact to know further Okay.

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