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Basic To Check Older Comments In Blogger

Older Comments In Blogger – Hi there how are you doing dear friends? Okay just start how to check older comments. It is very easy like older posts. Just follow some of the simple instructions below.

Check older comments

  1. Log on to  blog
  2. Select a blog
  3. Go to the comments

Now here you are see at the top of the left cornet there is a button where you can monitor your older posts comment respectively.

Result of Finalization

Dear friends I am really trying hard to explain the above topic, Yes I am agreed it is very easy and very simple if you got stand it. But when newbie visit my blog, He do not know about the blogger that is why I just use clear every thing clearly okay. So It is your job to subscribe my blog to get more updates via email and like my blog fan page, Follow me on Google+ and twitter social network as well, In the last just comment me with any hesitation if you have any problem regarding this post. I am anxious give you response back urgently. Thank you so much.

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