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Basic of SEO

Basic of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Basic of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) You know SEO stands for search engine optimization. When a website developer develops a website, he wants huge traffic for it so that his website can get high rankings in search engines and develop large amount for him.SEO helps him in this way. It generates natural organic traffic for a website .When we search something on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, then we find some results on our interface .Mostly we choose that links which are of high stars or high rankings. Have you ever think how they links came at top on a popular search engine like Google? Actually it is all due to it. Last Article : Java Programming Tutorials in Urdu

Learn Basic of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It increase the rankings of a blog or website by generating links in social sites, directories etc. The increased links makes a website at top.web developer must design it according to SEO and content must be authentic, unique, brain and eye catching. Then it will be called a SEO friendly website.SEO is best for marketing a website. The more frequently a site appears in search, the more visitors will visit it.

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These visitors will convert into customers. A term page rank is very important for a website. The website with strong back links will has high page rank it means it is strongly liked by web surfers so search engine continuously pushes it at the top. Page rank is from 1-10.pagerank is 2 or 3 means that website is much strong as the digits get down the page rank decreases.

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Specific keywords which are  friendly cause high traffic. When a random user writes any keyword in the search bar, the website which will contain that keywords and the relevant content related to it in large amount it will appear at the top. So, keywords matters much for a website ranking.

Best site for SEO in the World

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  2. searchengineland

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Cross linking in the website by providing more links to the important pages also enhances its visibility. If your website is SEO friendly it means it has high page rank, strong back links, high visibility and high random visitors or organic traffic.


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