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Basic Idea About What is Blogging ?

Hi there! how are you doing, today our topic is going all about What is blogging, to before I just wanna share a thing with you. Which is that Blogging means a web master habitual to create many blog, this process simple known as blogging,

What Is Blog?

Blog basically when ever you create a web page one page is know as a blog, or simple there is no much more elaborate for make huge thing on, just specific meaning based on one page,  Website containing hundreds of pages, on page of them we say it is the blog of website, just like a very famous keyword is a , it is your blog (
Basic Idea of Blogging
My dear friend you know that what is blogging in above paragraphs know let me tell you more about it, blogging is one of the best basic way to create blog, a person who don’t know how to create a blog? Free web hosting services provide you to create a blog without any programming skill,  and you can also make money from it like I am not a professional of blogging  I just use to write article for where I am find very basic about the blogging, how to make money to use blogger and many other things
Final words
Hi dear I have give you a simple definition, I hope you got well so it is you job to subscribe my blog and stay up to date for new up coming article about blogging, do me comment if you are facing some problem to understand and I have uploaded a video tutorial regarding this article which will help you better, you must watch is below.
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