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Android App Development Tutorial for Beginner

Android App Development Tutorial for Beginner

Learn Android App Development Tutorial for Beginner, Today I am telling you about android app. First we must know what is it. it is an open source operating system which is found in tablet computers and smart phones. So the  is the software which runs on  platform. We can find  from developer websites. We can download it too from there. In the search engine an online store exists which dedicates these applications. We can find both free and purchasable apps fin this online market. Read my last Article : Future Scope Of Android Application Development

Android App Development Tutorial for Beginner

A virtual machine which is specially designed for mobiles. In this machine android app firstly compiled to Dalvik executables.SDK (software developer kit),it is software developer kit which developers may download from website related to it. This site contains SDK tools, samples, codes for creating apps.

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The online market for this app is also known as Google play store. Google freely encourages developers to create their own apps. Developers bringing improvement day by day in smart phones. So many android apps are introduced now that it is difficult to maintain or keep track of them all. Every day you can make new changes in these apps of your own choice. it is a huge platform which allows you to create new apps and games for devices in a java language.

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It is the collection of different small points or units which compile individually and collectively called app. We can add units which we want .it is a puzzle game to connect small pieces for making large. These units can find by other apps too or can modify with the help of other apps.

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It has many features and advantages. It has zero development cost because the development tools are free to download. It is an open source platform based on Linux Kernel. Developers can freely contribute in the platform. It has freedom to collaborate developers can share codes with each other in the last few years the android apps are hugely created like any other app. There are very small restrictions in Google android market for distribute them rather they can easily distributable to other channel as well. It has multi platform and multi carrier support.
To creating android app select file > menu>its project in the java perspective.


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Now enter meta information in three categories: contents, build target, the app demo app and leave the rest of form as default. The built target section will be of the version of SDK .next is the property section. In application icon application name will set. The last option is min SDK version. After putting all these information click finish you will have a basic application for running on your phone. Next step is to select template and androidmanifest.xml file.the /res folder is that where many applications are stored.the /gen folder is for all the resources.the /src folder consists of all your codes grouped itno packages.the /asset folder contains raw data.


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