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Add HTML JavaScript Third Party Gadgets For Blogger

Learn the way to install Add HTML JavaScript there you know what is the role of HTML and java script in the blogger blog simply the best every webmaster he knows that if he want to add gadgets from some where other or simply we say that third party widgets this feature of blogger provide for it, be careful when you add gadget in to your blog you know it can be a spam to added in to your blog, do not worry because blogger has a spam scanner but you must care about it your read the source code if you think that is right code for that widget what ever you want to add.

Where HTML /Java Script is in the Blogger?

It is in the blogger dashboard in every blogs, you just find the to follow me first go through your blog and now choose a blog title and in the layout section here you click to the add a gadget now you view a popup window in the on number 15 or just below the search gadget HTML / java script or simple way to find it in the search box. copy the code of the gadget and past it into your HTML / java script section now hit the save button and view blog.
Final Words
Dear friend you know that I am trying my best to give you full of the full information renegading this tutorial and I what ever I have give you that you can only who tell me in right form, how do you feel when you read my article is this okay to understand it, If this is true so kindly subscribe my blog and also do me comment via comment box related to this article in final just like my blog and follow me on the twitter and Google+  let me tell you one thing more about the blogging, It is not so  simple my dear if your beginner you must have to do hard work for it, be in touch with your seniors I believe you will get instant success with in short time take care have a nice day thank you very much.
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