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Privacy Policy of ComputerPakistan Website

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Website:

Your Privacy is important for us. Whenever we change our policy about privacy of visitors we update it here. We need your personal information for providing you better service. We information just like your IP Address, Web browser history, Web pages’ detail and website suffering respectively.


We store cookies to give you better than best quality of information fast. We also store history of the visitors as our system easily navigate with you in proper way.

Take Control for your Privacy while visiting Website

Dear visitors you can manage your web browser setting for visiting website. It is in your hand to who use your cookies or not. You can set option for all of website as well.

About Advertisement

We will also show you ads beside and inside of the Post. All other Companies or websites use cookies for displaying you better ads that is related to your interest.

Note: If you use this website you must agree with privacy Policy. Which is explained in detail above. Protection Status