Certificate in Information Technology CIT Course Outline

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Certificate in Information Technology CIT Course Outline

Certificate in Information Technology CIT Course Outline

Introduction to Information Technology

Above all Tutorial. Of course we have covered it with our best practice. You complete it. No doubt, We also provide our students support which will become a  real helpful point.

  • Introduction
  • Computer Types and its History
  • Basic Element of Information Technology
  • What is System Software
  • What is Application Software
  • Data Information
  • Brief Introduction to Hardware


  • Basic Concept of the Operating System
  • Installation of Windows
  • Introduction to Windows XP
  • Windows Control Penal
  • Windows & Networking
  • Short keys and Tips
  • System Maintenance
  • Utility Programs
  • Core of Operating System
  • Programming Languages
  • Organization of Data (concepts)
  • Learn Microsoft Office 2007 word
  • Full Microsoft Office 2007 Excel
  • Complete Microsoft Office 2007 Power Point
  • Microsoft Office 2007 Access
  • Training of Introduction to Internet
  • Introduction
  • Start from Designing and User Interface Tool
  • Basic Object Controls
  • Advance Control
  • Methods Event & Responding
  • Visual Basic Menu bar
  • Interaction with user
  • Visual Programming fundamentals
  • Procedure & Control flow statements
  • HTML (Hyper Test Markup Language)
  • Web page
  • Basic Web Server
  • Text Formatting
  • List
  • Tables
  • Know about Forms
  • New Frames
  • Front Page & its Advance Features
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Layer & Objects
  • Images Processing
  • Different Types of Frames
  • Graphs & Animation
  • Adobe Photoshop CS 5
  • Types of Images
  • width height color resolution size of Image
  • Layers and Objects
  • Photoshop Tools & its Properties
  • Menu bar
  • Filters & Image Effects

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